Hello! Welcome to the Fredison Zone...

My name is Fredison and I am the webmaster of this webpage: "The Fredison Zone". I hope you enjoy your stay!

WARNING: this website is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION! I know things move fast on the information superhighway but for some things you'll still want to be patient. You know what they say... Good things come to those who wait. I plan to add sections for some of my favorite Gundams, indie* game reviews, some great hyperlinks and maybe some other stuff.
(*and... not-so-indie!)

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Date Update
July 2 2022 The website's grand opening! Unveiling the front page, the FFXIV screenshots page and the MIDIs page.
July 8 2022 Added 3 MIDIs to the MIDI section, plus a banner ad and a view counter to the main page (WARNING: DOESN'T WORK RIGHT).

A little about me!

One thing you have to learn is that my name is actually a misnomer: "Fredison" is not actually my real name; it's a nickname I gained back in the early 2000s, when I roleplayed as the kooky inventor from Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle, Dr. Fred Edison. When I played him he would do funny things like put cameras in pizzas that would watch you while you eat, build a toaster that got cursed and edgy like the Soul Edge, or even make... monkey cheese, whatever THAT is!!! The fun never stopped with that guy!

He also starred in a Canadian sitcom but I never got to watch it

My display name on that game was "Dr. Fred Edison" which was a bit of a mouthful (well... keyboard-ful!) So one day someone said "Hello Fredison" for short, and it caught on. And so, history was made. But sometimes when I sign up for websites the name "Fredison" is already taken because it turns out it's the name of an actual guy!

I'm glad that you won the marathon or whatever but I'm a little peeved that you stole my nickname to be honest

So when that happens I usually add a "P" at the end. The letter doesn't stand for anything specific except sometimes I joke that it stands for "pee". I apologize in advance if my sense of humor gets a little blue sometimes! Once even "FredisonP" was taken so I thought to myself "That's it... I'm going to become a private detective!" and made it FredisonPI instead. OK, enough about my nickname.

Website Sections

More about me!

Okay it turns out I wasn't done talking about myself but I guess that's okay because when you're in the Fredison zone it's normal and healthy to expect a fair amount of Fredison content. Here is some more stuff:

Shout-outs to people in the LGBTQ+ community who cannot catch a frickin break lately but deserve all the best!

If you are looking for online hentai you will NOT find it here! I have nothing against some hentai between consenting adults but I'm fairly sure it's illegal in my country so I cannot put it on my webpage.

Thank you to Neocities for allowing me to fulfill my dream of becoming a webmaster